8 Arm Brass Cage Chandelier with Large Lead Droplets

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8 Arm Brass Cage Chandelier with Large Lead DropletsAn 8 Arm Brass Cage Chandelier with Large Lead Harlequin Droplets.  This is a particularly unusual cage chandelier and with very delicate arms. Also quite wide for a cage and I have never come across one the same.

Dimensions are 75cm height x 55cm width (plus ceiling fitting and chain)

The cage or birdcage chandelier is a style common in several countries but most often associated with France. It is so called because it has no central column but a hollow frame which curves out from the base to meet again at the top thus forming a ‘cage’ shape. Candle style lights are usually located on small arms around the outside with crystals hung from the curved frame, the drip bowls, at the base and in the hollow centre of the chandelier.

 Birdcage chandeliers come in a variety of materials from wrought iron to glass and of course the classic brass birdcage chandelier.

 The frames are often adorned with acanthus leaves, a symbol first used in ancient Greece where it was used to decorate the top and bottom of Corinthian columns. The use of the acanthus leaf saw a major revival during the Renaissance period, although still frequently used today we tend to associate it most often with Louis XVI.

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